I am currently coming to the end of my three month internship at the Medical School at The University of Dundee. I am wrapping up an animation project about basic reproduction.

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 23.09.49.png


I have learned so much during these three months and I feel that my skills in 3D modelling and animation have seen a great progression. I must praise the individuals who take their time to upload detailed tutorials to YouTube, Vimeo etc. Without these people taking an hour or so out of their day to actively try to teach people like me how to use extremely complex software such as Autodesk Maya or Pixologic ZBrush, myself and thousands of users would be struggling to learn these softwares without formal training.

As of the 1st December, I will be officially working as a Medical Illustrator and Learning Technologist for The Dental School of The University of Dundee. Needless to say, I am very excited to begin this new stage of my life.

In Fine Art news, I am quite all over the place at the moment but I am definitely going to be making much more time for my artwork in the New Year. I feel I have neglected it for too long. I have been doing some warm-up drawing and painting. My head is so full of things I have experience over the past years that I need to sort my ideas out before approaching any big projects.

Update on the completed animation project to follow!


 - Emily