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I have been settling in in my new role at Learning Technologist / Medical Artist at the Dental School. So far I have been working on some WIP projects which have been left for me to finish off; I am looking forward to starting a couple of projects from scratch also. 

By the end of my internship I learned so much. Having the time to sit down and really focus on the development of my 3D modelling and animation skills was really valuable to my confidence in my abilities. I still need to have a good sit down and get my head around setting up rigs in Maya for more technical animations - I was okay with the organic-looking animations, but need to work on my precision for projects that may include surgical tools, syringes etc.

More importantly, I had to opportunity to work alongside someone who has had many year of experience in the field and what I learned about project management and client communication was invaluable - it has allowed me to begin my new job with the confidence to organise projects effectively and communicate with others clearly. 

So far so good... I have quite a lot of things to upload. Apologies for how slow I am getting this website together! Life, as always, is hectic.


E. M.