So this is something that happened in April, but I have just found a digital copy of The Lumen magazine online on ISSUU.

And here it is, featuring my work (including front and back cover):

I was contacted by the editors of The Lumen magazine and asked to feature some of my work in their first edition. They were also very keen to have two of my drawing featured on the front and back page. I was very happy to have my work featured, it is always lovely when someone takes the time to really look at my work and the work have any kind of impact. It has been easy to hide away from this aspect of creating work, but I will have to embrace it one day.

I attended the launch of the magazine in April this year, it was lovely to meet the dedicated team who put together such a carefully thought out and professional publication.

The Lumen is a magazine that focusses on the connections and dialogues between medicine, art and humanities. They feature works of literature, visual art and critical essays. It has been edited and produced by a student-led medical humanities group from The University of Edinburgh.

It is the first time that someone has come across my work and wanted to do something with it.
I had a nice talk with Richard, he said that they all really loved the owl drawing. For them, it seemed to represent them as a group. Carrying and collecting parts and pieces of the body represented through artwork and literature. I found this very touching.

The evening was filled with readings from the book and a slideshow of all the work featured in The Lumen.

The whole magazine is definitely worth a read. There is some great artwork and some very moving poetry.


A big congratulations, again, to the editors.