So, it has been a very long time since I have updated any social media / blog in relation to my work and artwork.  I have been in a bit of a creative slump with anything personal work not related to my job. The projects at work are an ongoing process and I have been finishing up quite a few things left by the person who was in the post before me. Nothing that I can show as completely my own at the moment but I have been working hard so hopefully will have something to show for it soon.

I have been so busy that this blog has been in my drafts for over a month now... I must try harder!

I have now started a few projects at work from scratch which has been really great. It's really got me excited about creating the work; researching new technologies, graphics, aesthetic trends has got be bubbling with ideas. I do feel completely settled now in work and my personal life. 

I have been dabbling in painting again which has been somewhat of a creative relief. I can still do it. Like riding a bike I guess I cannot lose it. I had been scared that working primarily digitally may make me lose some colour mixing skills and that I would struggle without CTRL + Z. Despite reaching for imaginary CTRL + Z after spilling some paint (and after laughing at myself) I have realised that I have learned a lot through working digitally. I feel less afraid to experiment with colour; I have always had a consistent murky, blueish colour palette that I found hard to break from. My CTRL + Z has allowed me to try these things, get them wrong (or right, surprisingly), experiment, alter, work around. 

Working in 3D software has helped too... I was about to say not as much as digital painting, but I have changed my mind on reflection.   It has made me understand and appreciate lighting and how the light can wrap around surfaces and cast shadows. It's allowed me to think in a more 3 dimensional space, think about composition, think about the volume of what I am creating. Strangely it has aided my observational drawing. I have stopped flattening things in my head in order to translate them onto a sheet of paper. It may not be noticeable to anyone viewing my work, but I can see it and feel it in the more confident way I approach a blank page.



I have had such great couple of months...I am going to blog the events separately! I will be going a little bit back in time over the last 6 months, but it will keep everything nice and organised and I won't bore you!




Blog started beginning of May